Filofax VS Franklin Covey

I’m not a main user of both Filofax and Franklin Covey binders. I’ve been using them for a while.

Now I have 8 filofax binders and 2 franklin covey binders plus many filofax inserts and FC refills.


– Filofax Malden in purple
– Filofax Finsbury in pink
– Filofax Chameleon in brown
– Filofax Adelphi in scarlet
– Filofax Apex in yellow
– Filofax Domino in pink


– Filofax Chameleon in red

– Franklin Covey Veronica in latte 1.5″ rings

– Franklin Covey 365 in red polka dot

The filofax rings are much smaller and most of the ones I owned have the unaligned rings. The franklin covey binders have tight and snap closed perfectly so I kindly like the FC more.


FF is much more expensive. The binders look and feel more luxurious than the Franklin Covey binders. Since most people are on the same wagon, I could easily find the used ones on ebay or new ones on filofax website, or There are multiple places that sell make it easier to compare the prices among them.

Since Filofax binders are expensive, I could inevitably expect high quality leather and design. FC is so much cheaper but the only store I can find is which makes it hard to find and compare prices and offers.


FF offers various color options especially the finsbury line (red, black, brown, pink, vintage pink, etc) and Chameleon (in red, vintage pink, brown, aqua, etc) and Malden (in purple, ochre, recently added new color I believe it’s aqua) and Osterley in orange, plum, and grey. I only listed the ones that I liked though.

However, they are likely to discontinue ones of the most sought after designs too. I can’t figure out why the filofax discontinued a lot of designs.

– Filofax the Original in pink
– Filofax the original in orange
– Filofax Osterley in orange
– Filofax blossom
– Filofax Springboard
– Filofax Aex in green

Above are filofax that I like.

FC offers very limited color choices. Only the black, brown, blue, red and some green. The ones that I really like right now are Aurora (in tan or red), Boston (in green), Her Point of View (in green). But Aurora and Her Point of View are already discontinued and no longer available on the website.

If I can think of anything else to add, I’ll come back and update this page… enjoy

March 20, 2013


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