Review: Filofax The Original in Yellow

I just got a mail.
When I opened the package, it revealed a brand new Filofax The Original in yellow. The one I always dreamed of buying.

The package was kindly sent from Jess at the Ideas Network PR company from London, UK. It took about 2-3 weeks to get here. I was waiting excitedly to get it and one evening without even thinking, there he was the mailman handed me the white bubbled package.



When I tore open the package, I found a nice handwritten note from Jess and a blue tissue wrap. Many thanks dear…


The Original awaited me to explore, touch and sniff. The hard clear plastic cover wrapped around the whole front and back yellow binder all the way to the inside too.


The back side of the hard plastic cover. This model no longer comes with a classic thick black box like before.


When unwrapped the hard plastic cover, it revealed the yellow Original. The color is not to bright but not too muted either. Just the right shade of yellow that I dreamed of. The picture didn’t capture the true shade of yellow.  It’s a lot brighter and nicer in person. The above pictures were closer to the real shade.


The button is also in yellow covered with clear resin, which I think super charming and cute. The button is very pretty too.. It adds an identity to the binder.


The famous logo of the Filofax was embossed on the side. This one has two studs to secure the ring mechanisms. The hardware made this binder a little masculine.


On the back side, it’s plain but not that plain. It has a hardware to hold the strap in place.


The button


Inside the front cover, there is a long elastic strap. One from each side for pens. Also, there are two credit card pockets. So, I assumed the use of the middle strap was for a frequently use credit cards. it’s easier to slide in and out. I found the credit card pockets are quite hard to get my cards in or out. I just left them empty. I didn’t dare to stick any paper clips in since they could easily leave a dent or mark on the leather.


A closer look of the middle elasticized strap. I used this middle band for my frequently used card.


Inside rings and the flyleaf. I really like this union jack half of a UK flag as my dashboard.


Side tabs.
There are 6 side tabs. These are quite differently from previous cream tabs that usually come with other FF. I like the blue and teal colors of these tabs. They come with numbers from 1 to 6 instead of the pre-printed which I found them to be useless.


The back side has a long wide pocket and a narrow slot for a FF notepad.


It came with a frosted ruler


The inserts are just the normal papers (not cotton cream ones). There were from July 2013 to December 2014. So you don’t need to buy more refills by the end of the year.


Some note papers, to do pages, plain blank papers. The new thing here is the grid papers which are quite good for those who like to try out or people who liked to doodle.

The colored papers. There were 3 colors; pink, green and dark blue to match the page dividers.


The rings

There are good quality rings. However, I did find one ring that didn’t close properly.

I’m in the process of taming it to close tighter so it won’t catch any papers.


It’s small size rings about an inch wide.


The notepad came with this model. The pocket can only fit the Filofax notepad though.


You might not be able to slide other sizes of notepad in.


This review is loaded with pictures of my lovely new Filofax the Original.

I haven’t given her a name yet.


– The leather is quite thick and sturdy so it adds weight to the binder.
– The smell of the leather is super good. It smells so great. I love it.
– The leather is dyed to just the right shade of yellow. I always dreamed to own either bright yellow or orange. I finally found it.
– The corners of the binder may be bent or damaged easily so I must be very careful not to drop or rub it against hard surfaces
– The outside cover is smooth to the touch. I was a little concerned about it gets scratches easily. So far, I haven’t tried to do anything to test it though. I want it to look and feel nice as long as I can.
– The strap is too short. This makes it even more difficult to stuff inserts or even add more pens in.


– The design is not to fancy and not to loud. I like the button as a snap.
– It made of one piece of thick leather so it guaranteed to be quite sturdy.
– The snap strap is quite short so it doesn’t allow me to add a lot of papers or inserts.


– It’s about an inch measured from the middle of the ring mechanism.
– It’s not big enough to hold a lot of pages. Those who love to carry a lot of papers and inserts may have a difficult time with the original.
– I found a gap on the fifth ring. I’m trying to tame it to shut tightly.


– It’s worth the investment. This one might be a little expensive £60.00 but you get the good quality leather.
– There are eight colors to choose from especially for those who love colors. If I can save enough money, I’ll get another one in orange.
– It’s just different from the rest of the Filofax binders so it’s awesome!
– It’s not wide enough to hold Franklin Covey inserts since the tabs will stick out which make it hard to close. (I’ll have another review on this issue later 🙂


6 thoughts on “Review: Filofax The Original in Yellow

  1. Nice review my friend. I’m not sure I like the narrow pad in the back. And really I’m not crazy about the elastic stap either. But.. as you said.. it’s the beauty of ALL THOSE COLORS!!! I probably will try one too… some day. But for now, I love my textured leathers a bit more. Thanks for sharing the information!!! *HUGS*

    • If it’s just one ring, I usually took inserts out and squeezed the ring tight.
      If they’re more than one ring, I can’t do anything to tighten them. I’ve tried several ways, none of them worked.

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