My Filofax Dakota in Maroon

I bought this without looking at the real binder. There were not a lot of reviews on this binder I could read.

I saw a dakota on ebay and offered some amount out of the whim.

Here is the picture of my third filifax in my collection.


I then found a review on youtube. Some liked a dakota but the majority didn’t. I’m one of the later group.


The color is fine but a bonded leather is not. I’d rather have a domino or sketch instead of this one.

I decided to keep it for achieve some of my pages since the cost to send it back was twice the price of this filofax plus shipping.


My week on filofax

Now let me show you how I wrote and made my filofax looking attractive enough to look at everytime I open it.

Here are the first week of using my FF.


I like to decorate my page with washi tapes and stickers. I highlighted the days to make it easier to separate each day.

I’m using the Uni Style Fit 4-colors in one. They are 0.38 gel ink pens that do not bleed through the thin FF pages. Although they are so thin, I grew to like this kind of FF pages.


I used the FF tabs that come with the binders but I found them plain, dull, and boring. So, I add colors to spike things up. As you could see by now, I love pink!

I have to admit filofax is so addictive. I’m now a proud owner of finsbury, malden, dakota, and chameleon. All of them are in personal size.

I want to try the FranklinCovey inserts so badly.

My Finsbury Filofax


This is the second filofax that I bought. The first one was the Malden in pink. I like the soft and unstructure kind of leather of the malden.

But I kinda like the finsbury for its stiffness and the pink is so pretty. I’ve been using the pink finsbury for over a month before my next FF arrived!


I ordered the inserts from Japan Corner. The minutes I saw the dividers, I told myself I had to have them. I even ordered them before my first very first ff arrived.


I found the free inserts from limetreefruits and was amazed at her amazing art skills. I dowloaded all her inserts in both personal and AU5 sizes. Now all the inserts are now resting nicely in my petsonal FF.

I will have another blog to show you how my week goes. I saw a lot of FF blog that showcasing their ff week on 2 pages and I think I could let you see mine too. I hope they aren’t too bad to show. 🙂