Franklin Covey Flower Charm (Japan) review

As I mentioned in previous blog post about my next binder. I just ordered two binders and one has arrived. Out of my excitement, I drove to my post office to pick it up after the postman dropped off a notice at my home. My very first japan package and a custom form! I gotta pay custom tax again!!! It cost me about $30 for a tax again. Sigh!!! Franklin Covey flower charm

Unwrapped the package to find a beautiful blue box with Franklin Covey logo on it.FC.2

Another layer of fabric wrap


Now it reveals my new binder. I placed an order for a pink one but how on earth it turned out to be a brown binder! I wasn’t sure why so I looked up my email and I stated the pink color in English. However, I copied the Japanese model of this binder and somehow it had the brown in the Japanese which I don’t have a clue what it meant. I’m so upset with this. I therefore sent an email to the customer service to let them know the issue. I did also ask if there was any ways they could do to amend this.


The binder has a smooth and plastic-y feel to it. It stated on the website that it was made of , polyurethane binder material.

Anyway, I love the flower charm on the clasp. The brown is not all that ugly but it’s just not my fav color. Black and brown will be the last colors on my list for binders…

I have to admit the reasons I bought this binder are the color and the flower on the clasp.


It has a snap closure.




There are 4 credit card pockets and 1 clear pocket and 1 large pocket in the back of the CC pockets. I usually put my book bank in my binder so this long deep pocket will be useful.


The back side has one and a deep pocket.


It comes with black sheet protectors with embossed FC logo.



I always have problems with rings. Most of my binders have ring issues!!! This one included.

All 6 rings are misaligned. They are slight gaps in some of the rings as well.

FC.12 FC.13 FC.14 FC.15

Look closely! My heart sunk again. I had quite a high hope for this binder but I don’t know whether to recommend this binder or not.


The back of the binder doesn’t have any pocket.



– It’s 7980 yen plus 1100 yen for shipping
– I was charged a custom tax for another $30.
– It’s quite expensive for a non leather binder if you ask me.

– It’s made of polyurethane binder material as stated in the website.
– It’s smooth to touch but quite sticky against plastic.
– It’s easy to wipe clean
– It can probably easily get scratches or dents.

– The FC Japan has probably the fastest and friendliest customer service.
– I can process the order within less than a week.
– The shipping is super fast.
– I did send them some emails with pictures attached to acknowledge the problems that I have with the color and the rings. I hope they help me do something. Otherwise, I would be totally disappointed and would never buy anything from FC Japan again.
– HINT* A pink replacement would be highly appreciated.

– Like I mentioned above, it has ring issues.
– All 6 rings are misaligned. They caught my papers when flipping through pages.

– I dreamed of getting this binder for months, so I was a little taken aback. Not sure how I feel now. it may need to sink with some minor grief before moving on.


5 thoughts on “Franklin Covey Flower Charm (Japan) review

  1. I also have a plan to buy binder and inserts from FC Japan due to the fast shipping and more beautiful designs than those in US website, though the price is much higher. Did FC Japan reply on the ring issues?

    • Hi
      Yes they did reply. They told me to send it back with my own cost and pay another shipping for a new one. They said they had no policy to cover the shipping expenses for defect items. I would say their products are nice and prettier than a lot of brands I saw in the US but I wasn’t impressed with their customer service and the policy. I’m not going to buy from them anymore 😤

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