Stationary haul for my filofax

I love stationary and enjoy shopping for new post it notes, pens, stickers and cute charms.

Here is the haul i got recently.


I also add stamps, washi tapes, and deco tapes to decorate my pages too. It’s so much fun and a stress reliever working on the pages. As you could see from the picture down below.


I accidently pressed a button and a comment was deleted. I’m so sorry!

The Filifax in the photos are personal sizes. 🙂 and thanks for your comment


My doodles on filofax

I usually posted my pic on instragram but I think I should have another place to have my pic showed.

I like to doodle and they show in my pages.

When my friend gave me a starbucks keychain and a little pouch, I drew it on my page. So, it has a permanent place in my heart!


Another ones I doodle


This is what I doodle when I got lip glosses from burt’s bees to thank them.


As you can see I like to draw and scribble, my filo is the place where I put in my thoughtd and release my stress in my journal.

if you like my doodle or want to share your thoughts on filofax, you can leave a comment here or visit me at nonnt on instagram. Thanks