My Doodles/drawings

I started a new page for launching my doodle/drawing. Most people showed their week on two pages view which are pretty and creative. However, I’d to show something different.

Here are my May Days…

Like I said, i love to to draw/doodle instead of writing. Each day will fill with photos that I can recall my moments/feelings right away.


Each day will be different and show my side of creativity. I can’t say that I can draw very very well though. I just like to draw. That’s all!






I have an instagram that I upload pictures of my days daily. If you like to my daily adventures, please feel free to come and follow me. My account is nonnt!

Love and peace


3 thoughts on “My Doodles/drawings

    • Hi Gail,
      Thanks so much! i love to draw and I post my doodles everyday on my Instagram. Search “nonnt” to find me and more of my doodles 🙂

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