Franklin Covey Flower Charm (Japan) review

As I mentioned in previous blog post about my next binder. I just ordered two binders and one has arrived. Out of my excitement, I drove to my post office to pick it up after the postman dropped off a notice at my home. My very first japan package and a custom form! I gotta pay custom tax again!!! It cost me about $30 for a tax again. Sigh!!! Franklin Covey flower charm

Unwrapped the package to find a beautiful blue box with Franklin Covey logo on it.FC.2

Another layer of fabric wrap


Now it reveals my new binder. I placed an order for a pink one but how on earth it turned out to be a brown binder! I wasn’t sure why so I looked up my email and I stated the pink color in English. However, I copied the Japanese model of this binder and somehow it had the brown in the Japanese which I don’t have a clue what it meant. I’m so upset with this. I therefore sent an email to the customer service to let them know the issue. I did also ask if there was any ways they could do to amend this.


The binder has a smooth and plastic-y feel to it. It stated on the website that it was made of , polyurethane binder material.

Anyway, I love the flower charm on the clasp. The brown is not all that ugly but it’s just not my fav color. Black and brown will be the last colors on my list for binders…

I have to admit the reasons I bought this binder are the color and the flower on the clasp.


It has a snap closure.




There are 4 credit card pockets and 1 clear pocket and 1 large pocket in the back of the CC pockets. I usually put my book bank in my binder so this long deep pocket will be useful.


The back side has one and a deep pocket.


It comes with black sheet protectors with embossed FC logo.



I always have problems with rings. Most of my binders have ring issues!!! This one included.

All 6 rings are misaligned. They are slight gaps in some of the rings as well.

FC.12 FC.13 FC.14 FC.15

Look closely! My heart sunk again. I had quite a high hope for this binder but I don’t know whether to recommend this binder or not.


The back of the binder doesn’t have any pocket.



– It’s 7980 yen plus 1100 yen for shipping
– I was charged a custom tax for another $30.
– It’s quite expensive for a non leather binder if you ask me.

– It’s made of polyurethane binder material as stated in the website.
– It’s smooth to touch but quite sticky against plastic.
– It’s easy to wipe clean
– It can probably easily get scratches or dents.

– The FC Japan has probably the fastest and friendliest customer service.
– I can process the order within less than a week.
– The shipping is super fast.
– I did send them some emails with pictures attached to acknowledge the problems that I have with the color and the rings. I hope they help me do something. Otherwise, I would be totally disappointed and would never buy anything from FC Japan again.
– HINT* A pink replacement would be highly appreciated.

– Like I mentioned above, it has ring issues.
– All 6 rings are misaligned. They caught my papers when flipping through pages.

– I dreamed of getting this binder for months, so I was a little taken aback. Not sure how I feel now. it may need to sink with some minor grief before moving on.


My June doodles

My june drawings


Green tea


work day


Kokeshi doll




I like to doodle. It helps me relax. Instead of writing a journal, I just draw them on my page. It’s easier to just draw them on my page.

If you like my drawings, please go to instagram and search “NONNT” and follow me. I update my pages everyday.

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My next binder… will it be Filofax, FC, or Gillio

I’m thinking of getting new binders. I recently purchased a lime green Franklin Covey planner of ebay. I considered it a dream comes true. Since, I just dream to have the lime green planner for months and finally found it on ebay. I bought it the minutes I saw and scrutinized the functionality of the binder, ring size, and the design. Of course, I snagged it right away. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Franklin Covey

You may think this is such a normal planner, nothing fancy. I have to agree. But I have a soft spot for the buckle and this one has a buckle!!. On the top, it has a full length pocket (like a wallet). It’s just perfect. I can use it as a binder/wallet/extra note pages holder.

I’m eyeing my next purchase which is also a Franklin Covey. This one is about 6900 yen. This new binder will be from Japan site which I cannot understand any words in it. DARN!!! I just love the color, flower charm, the design and everything about it.

Now it’s all about trying to figure out how to order it when I have no way to understand anything listed on the website. Yikes!!!

Franklin Covey Flower Charm

Franklin Covey Flower Charm

My next binder that I have in mind is FILOFAX (yay!) Malden in Aqua. I’m going to order from Since they have a special promotion (FREE SHIPPING), I can’t resist. I personally love the FF malden because of it’s leather, design and it can hold the wider pages of FC…. LOVE!!!

I love my purple malden so much that the decision to get the aqua is so easy. I was debating between an aqua malden and an orange osterley. The aqua malden won hands down.


Besides the above three binders, I’m also drooling over Gillio and other Filofax and other Franklin Covey.

What do I usually think when I decide on my new binder>>>

  • They must be in personal sized Filofax. I tried the A5, compact, and pocket. None of them work out for me. A5 is too big and too heavy! Pocket size and mini are way too small. I can’t turn pages because the rings are too tiny.
  • I consider the colors before all things LOL. I set the colors first so I can only buy certain designs. This way I can save myself from buying multiple ones in the same colors. (I did own 7 red binders and 3 pink binders! This must stop!!)
  • As much as I love pink and red, I must stop myself from getting more in the same shades.
  • My next colors that I like to get are orange and blue.
  • The rings must be big enough to fulfill my needs of putting thick chunk of inserts. FC passes all the way. FF can’t win this battle.
  •  I love quality leathers but at the same time I allow myself to buy non leather binders too.
  • I also look carefully at the innards too. They must have pockets, 2 pen loops are preferable.
  • Laying flat is quite important too since most of the time my experiences with Finsbury annoy me.
  • Price is also one huge issue. As much as I love to have a Gillio but the price is way out of my league especially when I converted the price to my currency. Oh GOSH!!! I have to stop myself from even thinking about it.

Well, I’ll line up what I’ll be getting in the next few months in a particular order.

  1. Franklin Covey lime green (coming soon to mama)
  2. Filofax Aston in gray (not my fav color but it’s the only color available!)
  3. Franklin Covey Flower (As soon as I can figure out how to order in Japanese)
  4. Filofax Aqua Malden (As soon as it comes out)
  5. Filofax Blue Finsbury (hesitate yet interested)
  6. Gillio (if I can win a lottery, this will be my baby someday)

Any other suggestions are welcome. Just please do not introduce me to any other expensive binders would be really awesome. I can’t afford any expensive ones at the moment but who knows I might be able to get it sooner than I think.

Review: Filofax The Original in Yellow

I just got a mail.
When I opened the package, it revealed a brand new Filofax The Original in yellow. The one I always dreamed of buying.

The package was kindly sent from Jess at the Ideas Network PR company from London, UK. It took about 2-3 weeks to get here. I was waiting excitedly to get it and one evening without even thinking, there he was the mailman handed me the white bubbled package.



When I tore open the package, I found a nice handwritten note from Jess and a blue tissue wrap. Many thanks dear…


The Original awaited me to explore, touch and sniff. The hard clear plastic cover wrapped around the whole front and back yellow binder all the way to the inside too.


The back side of the hard plastic cover. This model no longer comes with a classic thick black box like before.


When unwrapped the hard plastic cover, it revealed the yellow Original. The color is not to bright but not too muted either. Just the right shade of yellow that I dreamed of. The picture didn’t capture the true shade of yellow.  It’s a lot brighter and nicer in person. The above pictures were closer to the real shade.


The button is also in yellow covered with clear resin, which I think super charming and cute. The button is very pretty too.. It adds an identity to the binder.


The famous logo of the Filofax was embossed on the side. This one has two studs to secure the ring mechanisms. The hardware made this binder a little masculine.


On the back side, it’s plain but not that plain. It has a hardware to hold the strap in place.


The button


Inside the front cover, there is a long elastic strap. One from each side for pens. Also, there are two credit card pockets. So, I assumed the use of the middle strap was for a frequently use credit cards. it’s easier to slide in and out. I found the credit card pockets are quite hard to get my cards in or out. I just left them empty. I didn’t dare to stick any paper clips in since they could easily leave a dent or mark on the leather.


A closer look of the middle elasticized strap. I used this middle band for my frequently used card.


Inside rings and the flyleaf. I really like this union jack half of a UK flag as my dashboard.


Side tabs.
There are 6 side tabs. These are quite differently from previous cream tabs that usually come with other FF. I like the blue and teal colors of these tabs. They come with numbers from 1 to 6 instead of the pre-printed which I found them to be useless.


The back side has a long wide pocket and a narrow slot for a FF notepad.


It came with a frosted ruler


The inserts are just the normal papers (not cotton cream ones). There were from July 2013 to December 2014. So you don’t need to buy more refills by the end of the year.


Some note papers, to do pages, plain blank papers. The new thing here is the grid papers which are quite good for those who like to try out or people who liked to doodle.

The colored papers. There were 3 colors; pink, green and dark blue to match the page dividers.


The rings

There are good quality rings. However, I did find one ring that didn’t close properly.

I’m in the process of taming it to close tighter so it won’t catch any papers.


It’s small size rings about an inch wide.


The notepad came with this model. The pocket can only fit the Filofax notepad though.


You might not be able to slide other sizes of notepad in.


This review is loaded with pictures of my lovely new Filofax the Original.

I haven’t given her a name yet.


– The leather is quite thick and sturdy so it adds weight to the binder.
– The smell of the leather is super good. It smells so great. I love it.
– The leather is dyed to just the right shade of yellow. I always dreamed to own either bright yellow or orange. I finally found it.
– The corners of the binder may be bent or damaged easily so I must be very careful not to drop or rub it against hard surfaces
– The outside cover is smooth to the touch. I was a little concerned about it gets scratches easily. So far, I haven’t tried to do anything to test it though. I want it to look and feel nice as long as I can.
– The strap is too short. This makes it even more difficult to stuff inserts or even add more pens in.


– The design is not to fancy and not to loud. I like the button as a snap.
– It made of one piece of thick leather so it guaranteed to be quite sturdy.
– The snap strap is quite short so it doesn’t allow me to add a lot of papers or inserts.


– It’s about an inch measured from the middle of the ring mechanism.
– It’s not big enough to hold a lot of pages. Those who love to carry a lot of papers and inserts may have a difficult time with the original.
– I found a gap on the fifth ring. I’m trying to tame it to shut tightly.


– It’s worth the investment. This one might be a little expensive £60.00 but you get the good quality leather.
– There are eight colors to choose from especially for those who love colors. If I can save enough money, I’ll get another one in orange.
– It’s just different from the rest of the Filofax binders so it’s awesome!
– It’s not wide enough to hold Franklin Covey inserts since the tabs will stick out which make it hard to close. (I’ll have another review on this issue later 🙂