Filofax Chili Cuban review

I just recently got a new Filofax Cuban in my favorite color. I bought it because it’s on sale 70% off at my local department store, Isetan here in Bangkok. If it weren’t on sale, I didn’t think I could afford it. My dream planner, Gillio will be a little far fetch once again. *sob sob*

Anyway, The Cuban is always on my wishlist but I can never find on ebay or FF websites. Luckily, I found this chili planner just where I live with a huge sale too. yay!

The regular price was 9500 B (about US $300), which is pretty steep and ridiculously expensive for a planner. With a 70% off, the price went down to 2370 B (about $80). It’s still expensive but the good thing is I don’t have to wait for it in the mail nor need to pay extra for custom taxes (30% of its price) .

This is how my Cuban looks… It’s not a brand new model. I think it comes out awhile already.


It has a snap closure. The strap has some creases before I bought it. Maybe a lot of people were interested in this binder, they tried to have a sneak peak inside now and then.I could understand that. It’s no biggie.  This was the last one on display.


Inside the strap. It’s quite long so I don’t have any problems closing the binder when overstuffed it with many inserts, stickers and papers. Unlike the original that has a pretty short strap that I can’t close my binder without stretching the straps or cause a crease in the back leather.


Inside the front cover reveals the Filofax Cuban and pockets. The pockets are too small to fit any of my credit cards. I can’t put any of my cards in there!. Please hear me out Filofax! please enlarge your pockets and pen loops (if you even hear/read)


The Cuban was embossed nicely inside the front pocket. I love to just look at for no reasons.


The back pocket has a full zip compartment with a mesh (semi-see through). I don’t know what to use this deep full pocket for.

Maybe some other time later, I will find out.


The back side of the binder


The inside rings I don’t have any problems with misalignment for this one.


I use the fabric sheet to protect the rings rubbing against the inside leather and keep the rings from leaving their marks on the innards

cuban.9 cuban.10

There is just one pen loop. It’s super small even for my slim Frixion pen is too tight for this pen loop.


I always use Franklin Covey in all my planners. This one does fit well. The strap doesn’t crush with the monthly tabs that stick pretty far out in most Filofax planners.


With a good load of inserts, this Cuban can still hold my bits and bobs. I can’t love her enough.

I don’t have a name for her yet. I may just call her “Chili” for now. Off I go play with my Chilli. Ciao!


I’m pretty happy with my purchase.


– The only gripe is that it has a thick cardboard and a foam patch inside the cover which makes it bulky and thick to carry in my purse.
– The quality of the binder is pretty well made.
– I love the contrast stitching.
– This binder is well made overall.
– I hope it has a bigger side pen loop. Two pen loops would even better