Filofax domino review

This is my third non-leather Filofax binder. I got it when Filofax UK had them on sale for 50% off. I also used a 20% duscount code. This one was super cheap compared to other leather filofax that I have.

Here is the picture.


This model has an elastic band as closure. The band make it shut tightly. I have no problems with things falling out or apart.


The elastic band was looped inside so I can’t change colors if I want to.

I hung an Hello Kitty charm in the band but this bindet is not metal-friendly. It left a dent mark on it. Just a wee bit but it’a big enough to bother me so I took the charm off tto protect my binder.


This binder doesn’t lie flat. I need to train it everytime I open.

Here is the inside. There are 4 card slots that big enough to slide in my credit cards!


And a wider slot down the bottom.

Here is the filofax logo…Pretty nicely embossed in a faux suede inside cover.


The rings are perfect. There is no gaps or unaligned rings. It also came with the fabric to protect the rings from making marks on the inside cover too.


The inserts come with July 2013 to December 2014. The papers are not the cotton cream ones. They’re thinner and most inks can easily bleed through.


They come with the usual inserts, pouch and a black ruler.

– smooth PU (imitated leather feel)
– faux leather
– elastic band/pen loop

– Regular price £24

– deep pink
– black
– chocolate
– ultra violet
– violet

– Lighter than most filofax binders when empty

– 90% (no need to worry that you can’t snap close)
– 100% (this one can fit wider inserts like FC pages) but the pen loop will get in the way.

– Elastic and can slide a  big fat pen!
– just one though

– Good quality for those who want to get to know a filofax.
– great for vegans who don’t want to use real leather binders.
– awesome for students who just starts school.
– Don’t invest in expensive binders! Start small and grow into a bigger collection!
– Use the binders or planners that suit your needs and have fun with it. Go for colorful planners if you ask me!!!


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