My week on filofax

Now let me show you how I wrote and made my filofax looking attractive enough to look at everytime I open it.

Here are the first week of using my FF.


I like to decorate my page with washi tapes and stickers. I highlighted the days to make it easier to separate each day.

I’m using the Uni Style Fit 4-colors in one. They are 0.38 gel ink pens that do not bleed through the thin FF pages. Although they are so thin, I grew to like this kind of FF pages.


I used the FF tabs that come with the binders but I found them plain, dull, and boring. So, I add colors to spike things up. As you could see by now, I love pink!

I have to admit filofax is so addictive. I’m now a proud owner of finsbury, malden, dakota, and chameleon. All of them are in personal size.

I want to try the FranklinCovey inserts so badly.


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