My Finsbury Filofax


This is the second filofax that I bought. The first one was the Malden in pink. I like the soft and unstructure kind of leather of the malden.

But I kinda like the finsbury for its stiffness and the pink is so pretty. I’ve been using the pink finsbury for over a month before my next FF arrived!


I ordered the inserts from Japan Corner. The minutes I saw the dividers, I told myself I had to have them. I even ordered them before my first very first ff arrived.


I found the free inserts from limetreefruits and was amazed at her amazing art skills. I dowloaded all her inserts in both personal and AU5 sizes. Now all the inserts are now resting nicely in my petsonal FF.

I will have another blog to show you how my week goes. I saw a lot of FF blog that showcasing their ff week on 2 pages and I think I could let you see mine too. I hope they aren’t too bad to show. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Finsbury Filofax

  1. hi. maybe you can help me not to spend my money on a wrong organiser. shall i choose ff finbury or chameleon compact? did you had problems with loosing your files, because they broke and fall down? thank you!

    • Hi! FINSBURY has so many beautiful colors but they are super stiff. I prefer the chameleon to finsbury due to the leather quality. I never have any problems with the inserts or pages falling off. The rights are very good. I love them all 🙂

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